This week on Cooking Up A Podcast I interview Matt Linehan.  He is a farmer and owns Sparrow Arc Farm in Copake, NY.  This year he is following his heart and going big on potatoes. He grows 15-20 different varieties any given year.  He is the real deal. He has growing vegetables in is heart and what he grows always has deep  character and flavor to them. Farming is an expression for him.  SO i was inspired to make a Potato recipe! 


6-8                          Red Bliss Potatoes 

2 Tablespoons        Coconut Oil

3 Tablespoons        Salt


1/2 bunch               Parsley, picked and washed 

3 sprigs                  Oregano, fresh (or 1teaspoon dried)

3 or 4 sprigs           mint, fresh, picked 


1 teaspoon              maldon salt

                               Maras Chilis, flakes

                               Urfa Chilis, flakes


2 teaspoons           Nutritional Yeast

1/2 teaspoon           Garlic Powder 

1/2 Cup                   GOOD OLIVE OIL 


Wash the potatoes. 


In a pot, cover the clean potatoes with cold water and add the salt and Bring to a boil. 


Once it’s boiling turn it down to a simmer. 


Simmer//poach// for 10-20 minutes depending on how big the potatoes are. 


OR cook them in the INSTANT POT!! High pressure with 1 cup of water and a table spoon of salt for 4 minutes and manually release the pressure. If they are big they will probably need more time……



Poke the potatoes with a knife. they should be just cooked, not cooked to mush-mush so keep an eye on them. 


When they are done strain//take them out of the water and let them cool a bit. 


Heat up a cast iron pan//griddle.


Put the potatoes on a cutting board//flat surface, and gently press down with you palm on the potato until you break the skin (of the potato)     and flatten it out a little bit. 


Don’t smash it too mush or it will fall apart too a million pieces in the pan. Which wouldn’t be so bad…. but anyway try and keep it whole or close to whole. 


Then add the coconut oil to your hot pan and add the potatoes, only what fits in a single layer. If you have too many do it in two batches. 


On MED-HIGH heat cook the potatoes until they are nicely browned on one side, maybe 2-4 minutes ish. You want it to be hot, but not smoking the oil in the pan. 


Then flip them over. 


If the potatoes are thirsty and drank up all the coconut oil add a little bit more to the pan. 


Cook for another 2-4 minutes until that side is crispy too. 


Then remove from the pan and put on a serving plate. Or don’t, you can dress it right in the cast iron pan if you want, but I put them on a serving plate to season and serve. 


Season with Salt, and pour the olive oil over. 


Then season with the chili peppers, nutritional yeast, and garlic powder. 


Tear the herbs up a little bit if they are big leaves and cover the potatoes. 


If you are like me then add a drizzle of olive oil over the finished platter and serve!!


Here are some ideas to eat with these potatoes::::::


Eat with Tatziki//yogurt sauce//yogurt 


Eat with Ketchup (if you are into that)


Cook some eggs and eat it for breakfast 


Eat it with a grilled sausage (in a bun, or chopped it up and eat it with the potatoes)


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This recipe is inspired by my conversation with Matt Linehan from Sparrow Arc Farm in Copake, NY