Sweet Potatoes with Feta Cheese and Pickled Peppers. 


2                                 Sweet Potatoes 

2 Tablespoons           Coconut Oil 

1 Cup                          Feta Cheese. Get the good stuff. 

1/2 Cup                       Pickled Hungarian Wax Peppers (or banana peppers)

2 Tablespoons            Olive Oil. 

                                   Salt and Pepper


Cook the sweet potatoes. Don’t over cook them. Just until they are done.

I like to steam them in a crock pot with the steamer setting. It takes 20- 25 minutes depending on the size. You can also use a regular steamer. Or cook them in the instant pot with a little water and the rack for 15-18 minutes, high pressure.

You can also roast them wrapped in foil at 400 F for 35-45 minutes. 

When they are done let them cool a bit. 

Then slice them in half length wise and season them with salt and pepper like you would a steak before you put on the grill.

I seared them in a crock pot, but you can use a pan, a griddle, cast iron, whatever you usually sear stuff in. 

Get the crock pot//pan//griddle hot, add the coconut oil and put the sweet potatoes in cut side down. Cut side laying flat in the pan...and let it go until it is seared and crispy. About 5 minutes. 

Then put on a plate, top with pickled peppers and some of the pickled pepper juice, the crumbled feta, and some nice olive oil. 

Sometimes i sprinkle some Urfa Chili Pepper flakes on top for a little more heat. If you are into that. Do it.