1 # Mayocoba Beans (Ranch Gordo). Soaked OverNight

1/2 c Mollasses 

1 T Colemans Dry mustard 

2# ish Cobb Smoked Ham (Wallingford Locker) or bacon, or salt pork

2 White Onions 

1t Dijon Mustard 

1t whole grain mustard 

1T Salt 

Black Pepper 

3 C. Water 


Put it all in the instant pot. 30 min high pressure 

Natural Release 

Slow cook with the lid off for a bit. 30 min to 2 hours. It just gets better as it sits. 


Take off lid, taste, adjust, Maybe a little more mustard if you are feeling spicy. Maybe some ketchup if you are into that sort of thing. More salt? Twist some more black pepper in there. I bet you it will want it. Maybe some more mollasses or brown sugar. Ohhhhhhh or some raw white onion, just like how my mom doctors up the canned baked beans. And yellow mustard. She put that in too. 


Simmer down in the instant pot until its as thick as you want. Stir it up so no beans stick and burn to the bottom of the pot. I just put it on slow cook, high until people came over to eat and let it hang. 



 First time i made this recipe i put too much water in, if its not thickened up i strained out some of liquid and reduced it in a pan on the stove then added it back to the beans. 


Makes a bunch. Invite over some friends. Stock up your fridge. Or freezer.


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